Group outs scientists who help ‘sell asbestos’

In November 2013, the Canadian group RightOnCanada named 13 scientists who it said “help the asbestos industry sell asbestos”. All had made contributions or given evidence in support of the asbestos industry. According to the group: “The pro-asbestos views put forward by these scientists are rejected by independent scientists as having no credibility. Not a single reputable scientific body in the world supports their position. But they are very popular with the asbestos industry, which has money to pay them to show up again and again at asbestos industry events, such as the one in India, to help sell asbestos and to defeat proposed bans on asbestos. While the asbestos industry has money to defend its financial interest, those who will be harmed, as a result,  and who will die painful, unnecessary deaths from asbestos-related diseases, have no money to defend their interest, which is life itself.”

Scientists who help the asbestos industry sell asbestos, RightOnCanada.

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